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Abrasive Blasting @ Blastoff

Abrasive blasting includes sand blasting, bead blasting, garnet blasting, and is usually done to clean most surfaces, to bring back a raw finish.


Abrasive blasting can be done from fine to coarse finishes, depending on the specification requirements.

Blastoff Australia often perform abrasive blasting to Australian Standards

Blastoff Australia are widely recognised for their superior experience in Automotive restoration, and are trusted with many rare classic cars which require the most delicate of abrasive blasting to properly preserve the restore the vehicle's raw metal finish.

Abrasive blasting is suitable for;

Painted Surfaces, Rust affected Metals, Aluminium, Stainless 
Steel, Alloy, Timber, Cast Iron, Bronze, Magnesium, Titanium, Brass, Copper, Plastic, Rubber and many more surfaces.

Blastoff Australia can complete the blasting process by applying various types of primers to meet the customers requirements.



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